The Lickety Split ™ Light Bulb Changer’s patented proprietary adhesive pad formula safely sticks firmly to almost all light bulbs, making replacing the burned out bulbs QUICK, EASY and SAFE! The patented system uses an effective process of attaching to the light bulb, allowing easy removal from those hard to reach light bulb sockets. Installing the new light bulbs are just as easy, with our pad design that safely secures the new bulb to the end of the device, so you will never stress or worry about broken bulbs during the removal and installation process.

The Lickety Split Topper was developed specifically to be used not only with our Lickety Split pole but due to its universal thread pattern, it allows our patented Topper to screw onto most brooms, mops and/or extensions poles sold in the marketplace today. This design allows you to reach higher bulb changes by using another extension pole, which easily affixes to your Lickety Split Pole.




Replacement Pads

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